Posted by: cancervisa | March 1, 2008

On Your Bar Mitzvah

I have been invited to a bar mitzvah, meaning the coming of age and adult hood as a young Jewish boy turns into a man.  Most cultures have this even the American Indian ( portrait in Brother bear disney movie, also a book a read to my baby girl). I have been honoured to attend a Bat Mitzvah a few years back which is the girls version of this right of passage.  I waited 2 hours until a shipment of cards came into our local book store. The owner claims it is the place where Anne Frank bought her diary. Could be, no one can find the receipt.  The owner of the shop is a lovely Jewish fellow and his beautiful wife. I am so truly happy to have such cultural differences surrounding me.  So we are tomorrow off to be spiritually enriched and experience something new that might even broaden our outlook/perspective.

I can’t wait to make comparisons between the bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah as well as seeing how it is done in Europe compared to America. Truly an enjoyable day for me.


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