Posted by: cancervisa | July 14, 2008

Blood levels are up and my tumor markers are DOWN!

I could not wait to come home to share the good news of my blood levels rising to just 2.9 which is close enough to 3 and allowed to have chemo administered to me and not have to skip a week. I also have two weeks of pure pleasure on EPO. I am flying high on the news that I have tumor markers under 100. 86 to be exact. ( under 25 and I am living a normal life!)  Go chemo go!

Okay, here is the deal. I want to have my freedom back.  The freedom to drive a car, even if the car can only go 25 miles an hour like a golf cart, that is alright with me. I want the freedom to play golf, even if it is putt putt or miniature golf as it is know to northerners.  In Holland they use to me an unacceptable term, Midget golf.  I want the freedom to do things alone while I can like, swimming, exercising, and shopping. Theses are all luxuries to me. I plan on pushing my boundaries and investigating my freedom. Stay tuned this might inflict confusion among family members and friends.



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