Posted by: cancervisa | September 15, 2008

preparation – scharpening pencils

our beach hut

our beach hut

Symbolically, I am preparing for a new phase, We shut the summer beach hut off and gave the keys back. I tapped the hut goodbye and said, see you next year. Any my head did not say, stop pipe dreaming or Bah, that is not going to happen. (Gong show sound insert here).

I took a trial class for sketching and model drawing. I was not really prepared. But now I have sharpened my pencils and I am prepared to start the new phase, not only physically, but mentally. I am ready to start blogging for Trusera and giving back by giving my story to their world. I am waiting for pass codes etc.

Sharpening the pencils continue as I prepare for another year of Chemotherapy. This will be as of September 13 my start of life long chemo which I am in my 3rd year. I am starting my 3rd year. I know no one who has come so far. If you have had chemo for more than 3 years I would love to exchange notes. I would also like to exchange notes with anyone who has contracted cancer while pregnant or under the first mammogram age of 40, when most people believe that cancer is an old age disease.


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