Posted by: cancervisa | September 16, 2008

inflict confusion among family members and friends

It has already happened and I predicted that my freedom seeking would cause confusion. Well yesterday I got a phone call from my dearest friend. Her mother passed away and is deeply in morning. I on the other hand have been extremely neglectful. My freedom has taken me out of my house, and not returning her phone calls.

She needs extra special attention and I was no where to be found. We have one golden rule at the beach house where I spent a great portion of my summer. NO INTERNET! What no emails? not for 3 long months. When I told this to another lady on the beach she did not react negatively or shocked. She laughed at this big city gal, she does not even have an account. When I exchanged info with her at the end of the season because our girls became fast friends, I automatically gave her my e-mail, and she said there was no need. Who does not have e-mail in this day and age? Well at least one little shop keeper in Zeeland. Who devotes all her time and energy into her two little girls.

I think my confusion is that life needs to be simple for cancer patients like me and I am adding my own stress with such things as e-mails piling up and missing phone calls. I think every terminal cancer patient has to protect themselves from unwanted stress. Stress brings on hormones, hormones feed cancer cells. IE estrogen.  So as I explore my freedom I also have to keep my new-found stresses in check. I don’t mean you need to live the life of Waldon Pond. But Keeping life ‘Simple Stupid’ works for me.


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