Posted by: cancervisa | September 17, 2008

some kick off titles.

–    My favorite resources

It might sound like a cliche, but the bible is still my first source of information that keep me mentally strong as well as spiritually strong.

After that the Susan Love’s breast book did really help me in the beginning when everything was alphabet soup. 5FU,  ductal, FEC, simulations, rads.

Followed by the cartoonbook called Cancervixen, but I had already read it after my chemo was over and came to realize I am not the only young vivacious gal with chemo treatment under my belt.

I do like the inspiration of Lance Armstrong books, Its not about the bike, Every Second Counts was exceptionally good for me to read during the process of getting chemo. I could relate to the squeaky bed that he had in the hospital.



For those who have enough scientific background, Many times I find good articles in  this particular journal. Journal of Cancer is a bit heavy, but very informative about new trends.

A not so heavy magazine is Pink Ribbon.

I am personally not into daily devotional books, but the one from Emilie Barnes I read cover to cover one weekend, and I did gain some kernels of wisdom from it.  I found only one dutch book that explained to my child that mommy has a lump. It is no bed time story but it is given the perspective of an active figure skate learning girl whose world is turned upside down by the news of her mother with breast cancer. There are plenty of good titles in English and my Moms with cancer group has a whole  book section of parenting with cancer.

On the health side, I am by no means a Food NAZI but I do understand estrogen is bad for me, and trying to keep it out of my diet/ food intake in not such a dumb thing to do.

Anti-estrogenic diet book is way better than weight watchers for me. (Everyone is different and unique)
–    The best tip I ever received
–    One thing I want my family to understand
–    One thing I wish my doctor knew


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