Posted by: cancervisa | September 23, 2008

Im in a funk and the future

Just got a big package for love of my life’s future employer, the queen of Holland. Okay the buck stops there, but she does not even make the appointment a committee in her behalf does. In either case it is getting quite exciting. With out opening it, it feels like a three ring binder at the very least. It is probably just propaganda about the position location and surrounding area. You know a sort welcome packet.

What would it be like to move from the apartment where you first tell each other after 17 years that you still have feelings for each other and want to marry.  What will it be like with a hubby with more responsibility than he already has? Some times I want to buy him a couch for his office, just to let him read while putting his feet up.

We are by no means rich, would we get a housing allowance? Would we have the capability for me as a disabled to have all one level living, IE no steps to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Small insignificant things that would make a big difference to the quality of life as a stage 4 cancer patient. We are not talking about perks such as a driver or a maid. Just average living conditions are requested so that we don’t have to dip into what little savings we have.

My shrink just continues to warn me not to get stressed out! But I must admit I am in a funk over all these open ended question I have. Can’t help it, I am curious!


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