Posted by: cancervisa | September 30, 2008

Comrades and sisters in arms- Story of Rose

Some times you get connected to other cancer patients who have similar problems and have found alternative solutions that they have thought up themselves. You find that many times you have similar interest such as Golf and have fun chatting the day away about some other topic than cancer. I found such a comrades in Rose ( not real name) She bears the same battle scars as I do. And maybe is a step ahead of me in dealing with the administrative jargon that I am. She has already got her scooter. It took her over 6 months to get this vehicle and not that she was complaining, but was describing in full detail what are the disadvantages to such a thing.

  • The vehicle must sit outside with a plastic cover that is dirty and wet on most occasions. ( breeding ground for bacteria that all cancer patients should avoid at all costs). 
  • The plastic cover must go under the vehicle to secure it, which means you need to get on the ground to attach and detach it. ( I can’t even tie my own shoe lace let alone turn my head to see under the vehicle.) I just shake my head with disbelief that this is what the local government sees fit for a cancer patient.

But that is not the worst of it, someone can “prepare” the vehicle for her if it comes to that. What I find heart breaking is that she was bundled up like an Eskimo, with ski gloves and a parka and a shawl to her glasses I would guess while she is riding.  She does not say that she is cold, but uses the word freezing, and it just 60 degrees outside, not in the least the coldest temperature of the fall season. Then I spontaneously burst out and cry giving her a big hug. I pat my tears away with a tissue and ask her when was the last time we have seen each other, and during the answer her hubby climbs the step and declares they are late for their appointment from a scan.  She nonchalantly tells me that she stopped chemo to go on holiday and the scan is their only evidence or growth and the start of a new base line.  I wish them luck, and strength. And I jump the next elevator that is open. We both wave with our similar taped arm that started us talking together in the first place and made up both brothers( /sisters) in arms.


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