Posted by: cancervisa | October 13, 2008

Still in vacation mode…Daddy time

Just getting back to reality today. The week is filled with meetings and I don’t have help until tomorrow. I made an executive decision to separate the wash. I am going to bite the bullet and get someone else to do my wash at a local Laundromat. It is not a dry-cleaner, but 7 shirts that need to be washed and pressed. If this experiment at the laundromat goes well, they will have more than enough business from my family. Thursday is the first pick up.

Friday we are officially on vacation mode. It is fall vacation this week at our beach house, but not until next week for our city house, thus 2 weeks worth of vacation mode.  The country splits itself in 3 regions shifting the school vacations by a week so that there is no mass exodus from the entire small country, but rather spread out by region. I really like this thinking, I just need to find someone to visit in the 3rd region so I can extend my vacation feeling for 3 weeks.

Inside of a month is my birthday and my 7Th year anniversary to love of my life. This will be a milestone for me because all of my earlier relationships seemed to fall apart by the 7TH year, but this one is meant to last. Even with cancer looming over our heads daily, I am still completely in Love with my hubby. We have much to look forward to in the next few weeks. Even if there are times when we don’t get enough quantity time, we make sure we have quality time.  I am planning to visit kids places next week to give our little one… Daddy time.


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