Posted by: cancervisa | October 20, 2008

triumph of hope over experience- breast cancer

I am very hopeful, and very experienced in my fight against cancer. But my hope is exceptionally high since I interviewed two new candidates for baby sitting.  One will have a test run during the vacation. One will come after my chemo and try to dive into the deep end by cooking and cleaning up. The next day, I have asked her to come back, and to try to put my child to bed after only knowing her the day before. I am not cringing like I normally do, I am quite hopeful that she gets along well with my sweet girl and no problems exist.

I take this same attitude about my breast cancer.  I am quite hopeful that my chemotherapygets along well with my sweet body and not problems crop up. I am looking forward to having more help in house, and I think I found an au-pair out of Peru who is willing to extend her stay or start fresh in April. Nothing is firm, just like cancer, you never know when your blood is going to take a turn for the worse, or massive pain is going to introduce itself. But I have hope and that triumph of hope over experience is what keeps me going as a stage 4 breast cancer patient with life long chemotherapy.


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