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email box full of newsletters and local hotel offerings

There is an abundance of newsletters, and frankly I don’t know how I got on the list for a local hotel that we eat at once a year. I normally delete these immediately, but I thought you might be interested what Amsterdam hotels have to offer.

                    Saga Festival & November 1-14
Saga Cuisine Served on Arita Porcelain

From November 1-14, the Okura;s Japanese restaurants
will be presenting the annual culinary; cultural festival, during
which a particular region in Japan is celebrated. This year’s
chosen region is the prefecture of Saga, which is renowned not only
for its culinary specialties, but also for its beautiful Arita
porcelain from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Arita Porcelain Arita porcelain is distinguished by blue designs, usually
of flowers, on a white background. This porcelain was largely
manufactured for the Dutch market and brought to the Netherlands
aboard ships of the Dutch East-India Company. Tragically, a lot of
porcelain in Japan itself was destroyed in various earthquakes. In the
Netherlands, however, Arita porcelain can still be admired in several
                    Saga Package  Marvel at Authentic Pieces of Arita Porcelain in

Together with the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology,
Hotel Okura Amsterdam has put together a special Saga package. Not
only will you have the opportunity to get acquainted with Saga
cuisine, partially served on Arita porcelain at the Okura
Japanese restaurant, you are also invited to marvel at antique pieces
in Leiden              

                    PAN Amsterdam – Hotel Okura
The Delights of Art and Gastronomy
The contemporary art and antiques fair PAN Amsterdam will
be held November 23-30 at Amsterdams RAI Parkhal. Make the most
of PAN Amsterdam and combine your visit to the fair; including
a free tour; with a gastronomic Japanese dinner and a stay in a
Deluxe room at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

                    Chef Nonaka presents culinary recipe
In Sazanka; Refined Teppanyaki Cuisine Chef
Masashi Nonaka and his team demonstrate that their cooking is a far
cry from the ;show-and-throw; spectacle often associated
with teppanyaki cuisine. Twenty delicious Japanese grilled dishes are
explained and illustrated step by step, including starters, fried
noodles and rice, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, sauces and desserts.
All are presented with the typical Sazanka touch; teppanyaki
cuisine of gastronomic quality     
                    Christmas & New Years
Celebrations 2008
Cultural Events and Culinary

Christmas and New Year are all about
traditions, customs and symbols. Not only in the western world, but
also in Japanese culture. Whereas in the west the new year is toasted
withchampagne, Japanese people welcome in the new year with Otoso
sake with herbs. And just as Christmas is an important holiday
in the west, New Year is the most prominent holiday in the land of the
rising sun. These cultural differences are evident in the culinary
treats the Okuratraditionally offers its guests. Below you will find
an overview of the various activities organized during this period:
X-mas at the Okuras Restaurants The Okura Executive Chefs have put
together exquisite Christmas menus for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

      Please see (in
Dutch) for detailed information about the four
restaurants’ various Christmas menus. For more information or
reservations, please call +31(0)20 – 6787 450

X-mas Overnight Stay We are pleased to offer guests who have made reservations
for a Christmas dinner, lunch or brunch the opportunity to stay
overnight at a special room rate valid from December 21st until
December 28th

Oshogatsu  osechi

Japanese Specialties @ Home or @ the
Yamazato Restaurant

Japan Oshogatsu (New Year) is the
most important holiday of the year. Everybody celebrates Oshogatsu
during the first three days of the year with traditional Japanese
dishes called Osechi Ryõri. Osechi
includes numerous delicacies, such as kazunoko (salted
herring roe), kuromame (black beans boiled in sugar syrup), tatsukuri
(dried sardines in soy sauce), kamaboko (fish paste) and various other
specialties. The dishes are presented in attractive lacquer boxes
called Jubako. You can order these traditional delicacies to be
enjoyed at home by calling + 31(0)20 – 678 83 51

On January 1st and 2nd the
Yamazato Restaurant will be serving a traditional New
Year’s menu during lunch and dinner, consisting of
seven delicious Osechi Kaiseki delicacies at euro;70.00 per person.
For reservations please call + 31(0)20 – 678 83 51…More

                    Traditional Japanese New Years
Cultural and Culinary Package
In order to celebrate a traditional Japanese New Year, Hotel
Okura Amsterdam has put together a special package deal, valid from
December 29th, 2008, until January 2nd, 2009. During this period you
will be able to attend the Mochitsuki event held on January 1st at
Hotel Okura Amsterdam’Mochitsuki; means to make
mochi (rice cakes);. Steamed mochi or sticky rice is pounded
with a kind of mallet called kine. Mochi cakes are an integral part of
Japanese New Year celebrations. In addition, a visit to a temple is an
important aspect of the first day of the new year. A temporary Shinto
shrine (Hatsumode) at Hotel Okura Amsterdam will enable you to pray
for a healthy new year.
                    Organizing a Christmas or End-of-Year
Our stylishly furnished rooms, combined with
the Okuras Chefs; culinary expertise and the very latest
in special-effects facilities guarantee a memorable (Christmas) dinner
or end-of-year party for groups both large and small. We will be
delighted to provide you with a tailor-made offer.


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