Posted by: cancervisa | December 3, 2008

I push too much- pamper day gone bad

Americans are known for their persistence, but I take it too far some times. I will definitely get what I want, but not in the time frame that I come to expect. Europeans are much better at taking it easy and going with the flow. It might actually turn out better this way.

but I insist! and insist. my idea was to have high tea today at the Amstel-hotel, this is not some ordinary hotel but on of the grand great dames of Amsterdam. ( when rock and roll stars like the rolling stones come to town, they spend it in the lap of luxury. When oceans twelve was being made, could you find Brad Pitt hanging out there. Hip, cool, and luxurious.)

But once my one friend called in sick, I asked if the other friend was up to it or should we move the date. She suggested we move the date so that we all could attend. I nodded respectively, but I still wanted to do it regardless. But if fully understood, that my pushing the issue would not help any.

So here I am, all dressed up and literally no where to go except back to bed. I feeling a little friendless, which I should not feel since we have made arrangements to do high tea next Wednesday instead, but I am a bit out of sort still.
The Hotel intercontinental Amstel was not shaken or disturbed, and more than happy to shift the date to December 10 for me.  My love bug also has a chance to get over her hacking cough and the sniffles.

I just push too much.


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