Posted by: cancervisa | December 8, 2008

I have a few birthday wishes- chocolate cake too

That my child starts piano lessons as soon as we move grand ma’s piano into the house and that may have to wait until the house in Zwolle sells.

I wish I had Wifi or blue tooth access and to buy a small mini computer, I just saw one with a 2 and a half inch screen. now that is mini. I want  to buy  it for my birthday so that I can blog while I am at the little gym or the ballet waiting room. I have been reduced to knitting or reading a libelle magazine which feels like a waste of a solid hour and a half.

I have never been the kind of person who can just sit.

So I will stop my birthday wish list before I breakdown and cry. Wishing for such things as a longer life, seeing my child graduate from a university or life events such as marriage and grand children.

My mantra, and ultimate birthday wish is staying functional as long as possible, which is my main goal with stage 4 cancer. Stubbing my big left toe has hindered my activity, which does not sound like much to the average person, but it has limited me tremendously. But I will continue to forge through a 10 kilometer walk and practice more patience as we wait out the time until I get a new body scan,  MRI

I wish for my girl that she has a wonderful life with her mother and father as long as God wills and that my husband has a loving relationship with his daughter and I.

Chocolate cake :

20 ml of cold milk

30  gram powdered sugar

150 g butter

225 g flour

30 g cocao

brownie bottom of the cake is above, the rest is the filling

50 g cacao

115 g butter

300  g brown sugar

50 g honey

4 eggs

serves 10 people.  ususally make one small pie pan and th others in a bread pan, any extras becomes individual muffins for easy take with you treats for after ballet or little gym.  Enjoy


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