Posted by: cancervisa | January 10, 2009

Changed my mind, or was it changed for me

I originally was going to refuse a conference because it would not even pay for the air ticket to TX. But since I was kindly rewarded what I asked for a second time around, I could hardly refuse knowing I just need to make hotel arrangements.

I am looking forward to my trip to Dallas TX and the Young Survivor Conference, I just have to find a room in a cheaper hotel within walking distance or find a room mate within the next 4 weeks.  I’m friendly enough, but extremely shy to get on a discussion board and ask to split room costs. But it is not the cost as much as how awful a room mate I can be, with bouts of insomnia, as well as 8 hour jet lag, I’m not sure how jolly I will be.  I might try to stay on Europe time and hit the sack at 6 pm which is after midnight my time.

So far I have accepted the scholarship money and started dinging my visa. Bring a whole new meaning to Cancer Visa. i have an official registration number and plane seats. Texas here I come.  ( ps. had a talk about going away for a weekend, and an acceptable permission from my 3 year old was granted).


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