Posted by: cancervisa | January 18, 2009

New Cancer patients reach my doorstep

I got an innocent note that my high school principle has cancer is in a special home in my home town. I missed the message before I had been back to the states and would have truly loved to visit him on his journey.  But in that same week I got a e-mail subject line “out of touch” that made me think how out of touch and recluse I had become. It was my sweet nanny that I chatted about who is on my mind. This is the first time that I heard her Grandmother of 75 is getting a double mas.  She must be from good Midwestern stock for a doctor to allow such a surgery at her age. All power to ya Grams.

The irony is that I have rarely been with out words of what I must say to a cancer patient. I still think there should be some portion of a social etiquette book that explain what to say and not to say, especially to the elders of a community which is so influential in your character and who you have become.

Just food for thought as news of respected people in your life turn up with cancer.


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