Posted by: cancervisa | January 30, 2009

Forgot about the…

Forgot about the chauffeur.

I was just recently day dreaming of having a butler, a cook and a maid. Because things were
starting to get overwhelming with the pain I have endured for over a week now.
Finally thinking I am out of the water, the pain really has not subsided since I have been
admitted to the hospital and gotten my zap of radiation. I thought the zap of radiation
was going to instantly stop the pain. But of course this is not magic like so many of the
lovely fairly tales I read to my sweet little 3 year old. Correction, almost four is what she
says to me almost daily.

So as I STILL lay trying not to move and find a comfortable spot, I finally give up thinking,
I am in the hospital, I can take a higher dosage of something, slip me a Mikey, put some
wonderful drop in a drink. There are nurses on call, I have the big red button if something
is going to happen. Bring on the heavy weight drugs!

No sir Ree bub, just plain over the counter aspirin. I don’t show my disappointment, I am glad
to take something, anything to sleep through the night. I get told that tomorrow I get a different
bed, which is nice, but I might just stay up all night typing dribble to divert my attention to
the pain.
” Just get me a sharp knife and I will cut the leg off myself”! I have carved enough turkeys
to know how. It was an idol threat, but really wanting to pain relief was beginning to be
my maniacal focus.

Two aspirins to the rescue, or should I only take one to top off the pain and stash the other for
late in the night when I surely will wake again. naa, bottoms up maatie. I never realized
how greatful I am that I learned to chug beer in college, I can get down even the nastiest
tasting pill in one fallen gulp, and hideous bowel movement drinks are no match for me.

So if your think about it, I have my cook, my meal was delivered to my bed, what service,
I have my butler, the wonderful staff of nurses, and I believe the cleaning lady will com every
day compared to the one I have at home that is once a week. Did I get my daydream? Yes, God
has a funny way of entertaining my thoughts.


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