Posted by: cancervisa | January 30, 2009

What am I doing here?

Because my lip is numb I have spent 10 hours doing nothing and only 2 hours actually getting
scans. The nice thing about being in the hospital is the lovely visits from family and
A wonderful painting friend came by to talk and get me excited about another topic other
than my sickness. The diversion was delightful.a topic dear to my heart is Mayor-ships.

Daddy is putting his hat in the ring for the Mayor-ship of Bloemendaal. The husband of my
painting friend is rallying support in his party to support a nomination. He is truly
qualified for the position and is very clear about the fusions of districts. We have a
word in English, gerrymandering. Combining small hamlets together to make a bigger voting
district as well as better services to the citizens. Daddy is quite good at this particular
tasks,. Gerrymandering also helps constrain votes in the favor of the leading party.
Bringing 3 districts of Amsterdam into one is no easy task. Bloemendaal only has 2 districts
to put together, a cake walk for my hubby. Let’s hope the decision makers think my
love-of-my-life is the best choice and hire him.
Not because I would be close to my painting buddy, or that Lovebug has already established
friends in Bloemendaal, or that we get with the deal a house, but because my Man is the
best man for the job and everyone will recognize it.

what shall it mean to me? stability for us for 6 solid years, and a guarantee of another 6
years of 80% salary. 16 years in total to ride out any financial crisis that is pending.
My baby will go to the best school and receive a teacher to student ratio that is way
better than in Amsterdam. She will have a small town address just like her parents. with
safety and social controls of others in place. I and my family already have a social
network there already in place. Come on over for tea, the door is always open.
I will still be close enough to my hospital and will not have to change medical
facilities. I CAN have easy access the beach as well as the small boutiques that the little
town is known for. but my meaning is to enjoy my family as much as possible, as often as
possible, playing in the park, taking bike rides to the beach, and enjoy the company
of the ones I love. Nothing else is as important to me. Just remain functioning enough to

 do other things than lay in a hospital bed.


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