optimistic breast cancer patient

My one year anniversary of having life long chemotherapy happened September 13 2007. This was my third round of chemo. First in 2001, just before getting remarried. Then three small chemo’s during my pregnancy in 2004. and now my year long chemo, and met bones. This blog is to help one cancer survivor get a handle on her disease. I would like to pay special tribute to those who are about to battle, who are battling and who have battled breast cancer. If you are researching for the first time and stumbled onto my site, please take a look at the experts because I don’t claim to be. Just a modern gal going through over a year of chemo with a pre-schooler under foot.  It is true that I am no expert but by experience, I have faced issues of fertility, chemotherapy and radiation while pregnant, sexuality, and issues of longevity quality vs quantity. Therefore I am living proof of God’s grace. 

update: My goal is to focus primarily on breast cancer news, premenopausal survivors, mothers who have small children and undergoing chemotherapy.  I am always seeking informed sources and never quote anything in my blog without a reference in a study, conference or medical journal.  I try to choose words that are at a 7th grade English level so that even English as a second language readers can follow. Am not blogging to make money on adsense, or other equivalent products.



  1. Wow! This site is very helpful to the woman. Great. Though it was bad to know that you are going through ‘chemo’, but the way you are using your experiences thats commendable…May God Bless You abundantly. We will pray for you…

  2. Found my way back to your site today with some help from our mutual friend in the sunshine state! I’ve thought of you often the past few weeks…a good friend here is struggling with a cancer diagnosis, with a poor prognosis.
    Your writing always is so honest. Your story is inspiring to me.
    You are always in my prayers…take care of yourself, your husband and that wonderful little girl. T.

  3. Hi there!
    Just stopped by to say HI! I am 30 year old w/ stage IV breast cancer. I found your blog by searching tags similar to mine.I hope you are doing good and kicking ass! Have you done any hormonal therapy? I am on zoladex, it shuts off my ovaries but is reversible, it’s great if you are estrogen receptive. but you probably already know about it. I am also doing a lot of alternative things with great results. Anyhow, I am sending good healing vibes your way.

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