Posted by: cancervisa | January 31, 2009

what happens when the painkillers stop working?

It is one story when the hormone therapy stops working, there are alternative hormone therap
-ies, But when the morphine pills stop working where do you go from there? Morphine shots?
Call up the Euthanasia folks and tell them to stop by and discuss the option of death vs pain

I’M not sure how much more pain I can handle. My home remedies of putting ice on the pain
is not working. I am at a lose. I wonder how any older cancer patient handles this, I think
I would easily give up after the age of 75. Full life enzo,but my problem is that I want
to live and not give up, but this leg of mine is asking for a home grown operation to
amputation.   I truly am focused on getting away from the pain, but my cute cold patches
and  different lying down positions that have worked in the past don’t seem to have
any affect on the pain. Now I just have a dopey head and wobbly knees due to the additional
pain stillers that I have been granted.

Luckily my specialist is on call tonight, but do I just want to pull an all night-er with
the pain or call her up for more concentrations of Morphine? I know most would say stop
being so proud and take the drugs, but my heart is not into taking addictive drugs at that
higher level.


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